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Segmenting business markets and customers into groups and sub-groups is standard practice and good advice for most marketers and businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and other digital ecosystems allow marketers to target customers by…

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Podcast 2 of Psychology of Digital Marketing 101
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@ Behavioural Marketing Insights we bring together

  • digital and direct marketing
  • behavioural economics
  • communications psychology and 
  • customer insight

with an aim to inform, educate and help organisations and people make a positive change in the world.   


Sam O'Prey published an article
Website optimisation takes into account a lot of what was discussed in the last chapter. If you alr…
Sam O'Prey published an article
Optimising Your Keywords and Key Phrases to Aid Customer Search will Increase Conversion Rates 
Feb 14
Sam O'Prey published an article
The general perception from consumers across the UK is that overseas call centres are a bad idea, b…
Feb 13
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my new post for #insomnia life ' Fake news is in the news and it is playing on our biases - https:/…
Feb 12

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Ok so my horizons have expanded and my interests have grown. As a digital and direct marketer for more than 15 years I have been asking what else? How can I use my skills for good? Inspired by the Behavioural Insights team amongst others I have…

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