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Welcome to Insomnia NLP - Behavioural Communications Psychology

Insomnia NLP are behavioural insights specialists in digital and direct marketing and communications. A service helping people and organisations get the results they want from a better understanding of themselves, others and society in general. 

We do this through the frameworks of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), metacognitive training, behavioural economics, mindfulness and communication psychometrics as well as other tools, technologies and techniques for conversation, communication and discourse analysis. 

As qualified NLP practitioners, trained and time served behavioural marketing and communications analysts we can help you understand yourself and others on a deeper level. Get to the bottom of communication breakdowns and find ways to resolve them.

Giving that Neural Nudge to get people, projects and campaigns back on track. 

Part of iLife Media - behavioural marketing insights was also offer coaching and support as well as carry out research projects in the area of insomnia as well as other issues.

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