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  1. As you walk through the valleys of your mind you take a look at the calming views as the bright sun falls towards the sea and the cool breeze refreshes on your face, you drink in the view and warm nectar of milk brings you happiness, you feel calm and know you will relax as the sun keeps falling and your eyes begin to feel heavy.

    As you continue walking down the valley distractions cross your path trying to hold you back and the internet of things gets in your way, but you know you are stronger, now banish the distracting technology and put it behind you. You know you will feel better after you see a good night’s rest assured your dreams will come true and you can learn easily the skills to sleep now. When you sleep well it makes you feel refreshed and warm, you know your bed is a safe place that you can sink down into. You must listen to what the world is telling you. You will gain great satisfaction in learning the knowledge of how the good night of sleep will work now you feel safe and relaxed.

    It’s good that you can learn easily these new life skills. Whilst your mind race to a stop pointless mind chatter you know putting down the beast of technology and releasing yourself from its grips will mean freeing yourself completely don’t you.

    As you continue walking you know you can release the insomnia monkey off your back and let it walk hand in hand with you as you accept it for what it is, you know your monkey does not define you but accepting its presence will allow you to tame and train it to do your will. And even in the morning on the rare occasion your monkey needs feeding your will rest assured that it will allow you to drift into a sleep of dreams that come true and when you awake you wake up refreshed and happy about a new day, ready to accept yourself with the monkey slightly further behind you. Eventually you walk so far and you look behind and realise the monkey is almost gone and you hadn’t even realised because your mind had been so rested and fully refreshed. 

  2. Right here we go. This is the first blog on the insomnia NLP website so in theory I should make it a good one, but that is the problem with theories so often on testing they are proved false.

    The aim of insomnia NLP is to provide practical advice and research in the form of a blog site for people living with insomnia whilst also continuing the research into NLP based Insomnia Support.

    The world of psychology and neurology are taking insomnia serious as an issue on its own now as opposed to just seeing it as a symptom of another illness. This is exciting times because so many of us have felt somehow alienated by the thought of talking about insomnia or seeking help because of the labels that it traditionally had with it.

    Most of the research and the techniques involved though focus on the behavioural elements of what causes insomnia such as CBT. There is nothing wrong with CBT and in fact we offer CBT support through our connection with the Sleepio Clinic.

    The difference with InsomnaNLP is that we are not trying to focus on your behaviour around sleep, around bed time or issues from the past that may be causing your insomnia now.

    Instead we focus on providing you with tools to coping with and living with your insomnia, improving your mental conditioning and reformatting your neurology through linguistically reprogramming and meditation in order for you not only to cope living with insomnia but also to enable you to cut the label off and thrive with or without insomnia in your life, and the thing is we know it works because it has worked for us and over the last 5 years we have been studying NLP.