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  1. Volunteer for our new study into Psychological Drivers Behind Deciding to Vote or not

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    We are looking into the psychological drivers behind the motivation to vote and how Social Media influenced that decision and the choice made.

    We are looking for volunteers and are looking to conduct a study into the psychological and neurolinguistics drivers behind the voting behaviour or indeed lack of it.

    We are also looking into the social media influence on your decision on whom to vote for.

    We will be conducting video interviews either in person in the UK or via Skype for those overseas. The interview should take around 30minutes depending on how much you have to say.

    Fill in the form at the web address below and I will be in contact with you. Videos will only be reproduced and used with your written permission but if you do not want this and still want to take part that is fine.


  2. Psychological Profiling Influences Voter Behaviour

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    Check out my new blog at Behavioural Marketing Insights on the use of big data, psychographic profiling and behavioural communications is influencing voter behaviour.

    As consumers and voters we need to ask ourselves how are we being influenced? what data and information am i easily giving away about myself? and whatt does this mean for our future? 

    Also join in the conversation at - its a free social network for open minded creative thinkers who can't sleep