Influencing Change with Persuasion Psychology - Sales Techniques 101: Building rapport

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Building rapport & need - part one

building rapport

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for a salesperson is getting the person to like you, to trust you and to make a connection with you. People will buy if they like the company if they like the product and if they like the salesperson. Now the first two, unless you are lucky, you don’t have much choice over and can’t change if they don’t like the product or the company even if they love you they probably won’t buy. Not unless you use psychological sales techniques to trick them into it but that is not exactly ethical is it. Also if they do like the company and the product but don’t like you they probably won’t buy from you but they may buy from one of the other salespeople at the company and just wait for when you are not around. So, the key here is to get them to like you. Once the prospect enters into a rapport situation with you, then they will start to bond and create a social contract, if you can create enough of that bond that that social contract becomes binding and they may even buy off you even if they don’t like the company its ethos or products.

Fine, but how do I build rapport?

Easy clean your hair, smell nice and be well presented oh and don’t forget always smile when you talk! If only it were that simple. Everyone is different and what rubs one person up the wrong way will endear you to another. So, what is the key?

Well in this section we will look at a few different techniques for getting a person to like you, for getting a person to trust you, making an emotional or personal connection with the prospect and building a real rapport with them. If they still hate the company and the product though you may well still be screwed, I am not a miracle worker.

These techniques have varying values from the subtlety in the power of suggestion through the power of wording, gestures and body language. The aim is to instill confidence and trust in you. Adding humour and personality to a sales pitch or conversation help to show the prospect that you are human and that you are interested in them and not just the sale. 

The biggest stumbling block to building rapport is trust. Do they trust you? Would you trust you? If they trust you how far will they trust you?

The best way to do this though is to be genuinely interested in people and their needs and genuinely try to address their needs. People pick up on and trust people who are genuine and honest and who are genuinely concerned about them.

There are many ways to build rapport, and these will be discussed in future chapters.



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