Our Maps are Our Reality

We all have our own maps of the world

Neuro Linguistic Maps or Reality

We all experience the world through our senses. After all, we have nothing else to experience it with. These senses and experiences become our maps they become our reality.

Through hearing, sight, feeling, smell and taste we experience this reality, but we are all receiving so much data at one time, some say hundreds of thousands of pieces of data all at once, that we could not possibly take it all in.

For our minds to cope, we filter this information out be generalising, distorting or deleting bits of information often bits of information that do not fit our maps of reality. This is the reason that police officers will interview multiple eye witnesses who often give many different versions of events, its not because some are lying it's because each person genuinely experienced the incident and took in the information differently.

Why is this important? Well in NLP we know this and we know that the keys to understanding someone else's map are through a study of their neuro-linguistic programming, the language of their psychology and physiology.

If we are aware of this, we can see how through NLP therapy we could remap our filters of the world by changing the neurological language of our programming. That sounds complicated and to be honest, some of it can be, hence the reason for the last 6 years of study, but the first step is identifying our language around a subject or issue we are dealing with.

If we understand this, we can understand how we might approach our maps of the world when it comes to insomnia and sleep behaviour.

If we redesign our maps we can change our reality.

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